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Using the Reviews Screen

Creating Reviews

You may create new reviews in either of the following ways:

  • This page displays reviews created within the Conversation Explorer and planned reviews created with the Review Scheduler.

  • To schedule reviews for yourself or for others please see the Review Scheduler page. 

Video Spot

In this video tutorial, our trainer provides an overview of the review process. In this video we compare the difference between a review created in the Review Scheduler and one created in the Conversation Explorer.

Existing Reviews

You can view existing reviews from the Reviews screen. By default, reviews are displayed based on the Last Changed column in descending order. 

To rearrange reviews just click the desired column header. Repetitive header clicking will sort the review by alternating the ascending/descending order as well as choosing the sort type by clicking the header arrow.

Review Deadline

 If you have a scheduled deadline for a review, you can view Reviews by Deadline.

On the Reviews screen look for the Deadline column.

  • Reviews without a specified deadline won't show a deadline date in the Deadline column.

  • The deadline that appears in the Deadline column is always the next due date from the current date.

  • As various sub-reviews are completed, the deadline in the Deadline column is updated to reflect the next due date.

  • You can sort deadlines by date by clicking on the column name. 

  • Review deadlines that are past their due date appear in bold.

Reviews Screen Commands

In the Reviews user can:

  • Review an agent using an already created review.

  • Open reports of already finished reviews.

  • Search for specific reviews.

  • Send review feedback (Agents may submit feedback while the review is in progress or complete

  • Export reports to a spreadsheet.

Go to More Actions. Through this drop-down menu, you can:

  • Reopen a review that you personally previously completed. This function depends on two conditions: the user must be the reviewer of the review and the user must have permission to reopen reviews. These permissions are assigned through the Roles screen. See the Quality Management Roles page for further information. 

  • Change Reviewer from one Reviewer to another Reviewer for all the selected and unfinished reviews. You must have the Re-Allocate Reviews permission assigned to have the Change Reviewer option available to you. Only Reviewers with applicable permissions to each review will be listed.

  • Include in Reports dictates whether a review is included in the statistical reports. Regarding the compare reviewers report, all reviews are included in this report regardless of whether the check box is selected. Further information regarding this feature can be found in the Search Function section.

  • Reveal Results to Agent permits agents to review the results. Once the Reveal Results to Agent option is selected the Agent will be able to view the results and submit feedback from the Reviews screen. Even if the review has not yet been completed, or is ongoing!

  • Delete reviews will remove the selected entries. If you choose to delete all selected entries you may see a warning that the system is "Currently deleting (##) reviews. Please be patient with this operation."

If you need to re-review a review (which means to perform the review again, but (for example) by a different reviewer), go to the Conversation Explorer and to create a new review using new settings (for example a new reviewer).

Review Score can be represented in various ways if the Scoring System is set to Percent (default), as described on the Setting Questionnaire Properties page. You can modify the score representation on the Scoring Tiers page if you have the Scoring Tiers Manage permission (see the Quality Management Roles page for further information on permissions).

Click the Reviewer Score View dropdown menu. 

If you have neither Scoring Tiers - View nor Scoring Tiers - Manage permission you may use this dropdown to choose from the following options:

    • Agent Score View – Select this option to set the defined for the Show To Agent questionnaire option.

    • Reviewer Score View – Select this option to set the Scoring Tier defined for the Show to Reviewer questionnaire option.  

    • Color Scores – Select this option to show scores as defined in Scoring Tiers. 

    • Exact Scores – Preselected option. Exact score number including decimal places, shown in percentage. 

    • No Scores– Select this option to hide the scores.

If you do have the Scoring Tiers - View or Scoring Tiers - Manage permission you may choose from any of the available scoring tiers. Your selection will be reflected within the Score column.

Search Function

The search feature on the Reviews screen enables you to locate a specific review. Depending on your assigned permissions you can view the reviews of an entire team or agent group. For more information on permissions, see the section on Quality Management Roles. The search feature is especially useful for the following actions:

  • Verifying if the reviewers have completed their reviews for the current month. (Search all or select a reviewer and month date range.)

  • Determining how many reviewers have reviewed a certain agent and which questionnaires they used. (Search completed, select agent, and select date ranges if necessary.)

  • Determining how many reviews have been completed using a certain questionnaire. (Search completed, select questionnaire, and select date ranges.)

  • Viewing which agents received a failing score on their reviews for a specific questionnaire. (Search completed and select score range.) To obtain additional information, export the results as an excel spreadsheet and view the data outside of Quality Management.

  • Searching for a specific review or series of reviews by using the criteria available in the search panel on the right.

  • Narrowing the list of reviews used to create statistics.

Use the Search panel to set your criteria:

  1. You can enlarge or minimize the size of the search dialog by hovering over the left border until the slider icon appears. Click and drag it left or right to enlarge or minimize the dialog.

  2. Set as few or as many search fields as required:

    • State: The state of a newly scheduled review is Awaiting Review but this state changes to In Progress or Completed during the life cycle of the review. You can search by either of these states or for All.    

    • Reviewer: Search by the individual reviewer who completed the review.

    • Period: Search by the Date Range of conversations as defined when creating a review.

    • Last Change: Search for recently changed entries. Click on the button between the fields to set both fields to today's date.

    • Team: Search by agent group.

    • Agent: Search by individual agents.

    • Ticket Number: Search by ticket number, which is an optional field filled in when the review is being completed. (The label name used is customizable, as described on the Preferences page)

    • Mail Tracking Number: Search by mail tracking number, which is an optional field filled in when the review is being completed. (The label name used is customizable, as described on the Preferences page)

    • Conversation ID: Search by Conversation ID. The ID of a conversation displayed on the Conversation Explorer.

    • Category: Search by questionnaire category. 

    • Direction: Search by whether the reviewed call is in or outboundinternal, or search by all types. (only conversations of the type Calls are filtered)

    • Wrapup: Search by previously configured wrap-up categories.

    • Questionnaire: Search by the questionnaire used to review the agents.

    • Score: Search reviews by their range of scores.

    • ID: Search by review ID number.

    • Parent ID: Search by the Parent ID. This allows users to search for reviews that have been reopened by searching the Parent ID.

  3. Click Search to apply the filter or Clear to reset the search fields.

  4. Click the double arrows in the top right corner to minimize the Search dialog.

You can search for any set criteria within the primary review or any sub-review. If at least one criterion fulfills the requested values the review displays and data from the main criterion are shown. If you enter numbers which are too high or too low or which would cause the search to fail a warning message will prompt you to modify your search.

Excluding Reviews from Reports

It is possible to exclude reviews from reports. Use the search function to narrow the list of reviews appearing before choosing to exclude these reviews from the reports.

To exclude reviews from reports:

  1. Optionally, apply a Search filter.

  2. Select the check box next to relevant reviews or at the top to select all listed reviews.

  3. Go to the More Actions dropdown menu.

  4. Clear the Include in Reports option.


By default all reviews are included in reports. This means that the reviews are used in Quality Management's built-in reports.

Viewing Completed Reviews

After the review is completed, use the Review Form page to see detailed information about the review. Go to the Reviews screen, then double-click the completed review or select the box next to the review name and click View.

The Review Form screen will open and display the following information:

  • Questionnaire: Name of the questionnaire used for this review

  • Reviewer: Name of the user who completed the review

  • Agent: Name of the agent whose conversation was reviewed

  • details of the conversation

  • Current Score: The result of the review

  • Comments/Improve/Maintain fields

The content of the Comments/Improve/Maintain fields can be copied for use elsewhere. In order to copy the text it is necessary to first right click inside the field. A new window will appear. Select and then copy the text using CTRL+C - from within this new window.

Click the Review icon to open the Grading Form screen and display details of the results of the review.

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