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Quality Management - Guide


Quality management (QM) is all about the definition and measurement of what is “good’ or “bad” in a specific situation. The words “good”, “average” or “bad” are practically meaningless when there are no rules set up. Quality Management provides a wide range of tools to set up criteria for management to decide if an agent has met a specific standard. 

Quality Management consists of several connected modules that manage quality and improvement in contact centers. This modular approach makes it flexible for contact centers of all sizes. The integral parts of Quality Management are:

  • Quality Management
  • Conversation Explorer (Search Engine)
  • Player
  • Speech Recognition

Main Features

The following Quality Management features enable users to achieve the best quality possible, for example:

  • Questionnaires are the backbone of Quality Management by measuring KPIs, tracking progress and testing users on their knowledge. Speech Recognition uses Questionnaires to evaluate important calls where certain tags are tracked.
  • Reviews can measure how closely an agent adheres to these standards and the effect this has on the customer at the other end of the chain of communication. Reviews provide the data that is used to decide how the contact center handles conversations. This affects the contact center's performance, as well as the business performance of its internal or external clients and the careers of the agents and supervisors who work in the contact center.  
  • Voice of the Customer and Training tools help management analyze all collected data and train their staff for continuous improvement. Voice of the Customer is a key part of Quality Management capturing and measuring what your customers think of your company and the conversations they have with it. In addition, Training helps to continually improve a contact center by providing agents with quick and effective training or informational packs to reinforce successful behavior and encourage best practices. 
  • Conversations provide information on all important customer/agent conversations. 
  • Reporting provides the analysis and reporting you need to make business decisions. Act on insight. Change root causes to improve practices. Know your contact center.

Quality Management is a cyclical process that helps users define, measure, analyze, improve and control the entire contact center environment.

Key Users

The key users of Quality Management and their main responsibilities are:

  • Contact Center Manager is the most powerful user in Quality Management; his or her main responsibility is to ensure that the contact center meets its KPIs and is achieving success. 
  • Supervisor is the second-most powerful user; he or she monitors agent performance, ensures agent productivity and tries to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction; he or she also coaches and manages agents or teams of agents to provide a high level of performance that offsets the cost of their salaries.
  • Agent is a contact center worker who communicates with customers and tries to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. 
  • Administrator controls the contact center IT infrastructure and is responsible for ensuring applications are working and available to users; he or she works with the contact center manager to determine what is necessary for recording and storing calls.

Guide to Quality Management

The Quality Management Guide will help you to fully utilize the power and functionality of Quality Management. The guide is two-pronged as follows:

The Quality Management - User Guide is intended for contact center managers, supervisors, team leaders and agents providing instructions for managing various QM features, such as questionnaires, reviews, customer conversations or reports.

* Microsoft Edge limitation

Please note that although we support the Microsoft Edge browser there are known limitations when using dropdown menus in Quality Management. We recommend the use of a different browser with QM.

Alternatively, as a workaround in Edge, you will need to press Enter every time you want to select a value from a dropdown menu – instead of just clicking the chosen item.

The limitation is caused by partial incompatibility of Edge and the QM application running on the GXT platform. A fix will be provided in a future release.

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