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Post-Call Surveys

This chapter describes how to create and use Post-Call Surveys in Quality Management. After a call, customers are offered to complete an IVR survey using their dial pads. Survey results are then used for agent review. Some surveys may contain the option to provide a voice comment at the end of the survey. In this case, the voice file is recorded and made available for playback in Quality Management.

Roles and permissions

Users must have one of the following combinations of roles assigned in User Management in order to access Customers Surveys in the UI: the licensed role VIEW_SURVEYS + one of the following VIEW_MY_EVALS, VIEW_EVALS, VIEW_TEAM_EVALS, VIEW_ALL_EVALS.

The Customer Survey role is related to Non-Call NPS® Surveys which are not supported in V 8. It is a system role (not used by default), which provides access to Voice of the Customer surveys.

Read more about configuring using Post-Call Surveys:

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