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Linking to a Read-Only Grading Form

The Review Report allows the user to link to the Grading Form.

  1. Hover over "Conversation#", which turns red to indicate that it's a link. (In some browsers this may not occur)
  2. Click on "Conversation#". The read-only Grading Form opens.

If a media conversation is associated with the Grading Form it can be played in the Player.

If more than one media conversation is associated with the Grading Form, for instance if a call has been transferred or put on hold, each conversation segment appears in the Play drop-down list and can be selected to play in the Player.

It is also possible to export feedback history.

Click Feedback History to view and export feedback from an earlier review for the same agent. This is useful for reviewers that are new to the team. Additionally, it is possible to print or export previous feedback with or without the internal notes.

 The time displayed corresponds to the timezone of the current user. Not necessarily the server timezone. 

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