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Changes to documentation

You may have noticed that things look a bit different. Indeed, we have made some major changes in the documentation.

What changed?

  • We replaced one system with a different system. This new one is modern.

  • Versioning is now available, use the dropdown menus within each section to view more relevant content.

  • Admin Guides and User guides each have their own dedicated URL now.

Old links / bookmarks may no longer work. Sorry, but the changes to the backend system are significant. We understand that it is annoying, but sometimes it is not possible to move forward without making some radical change.

User Documentation

User Guides for cloud installations remain openly available for all users

→ Go to

Admin Documentation

Administrators can access a dedicated documentation site by logging into the Eleveo Portal.

Go to → and click on the link for the documentation. Click on any of the links to the guides.

You will be redirected and will have access to our Admin Guides.

Troubleshooting access

Token required?

The admin documentation is token-protected. If you do not have the token (or it expired) you will see the following message.

Please go back to the and access the documentation via a link. This will renew the token.

Where do I find the Quality Management Guides?

Administrators can access all documentation for currently supported versions under the Eleveo WFO tile on the documentation landing page.

View versions

The admin documentation now supports the selection of versions. Select the version you wish to view from the dropdown menu.

To search within a version, first switch to that specific version before performing a search.

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