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Viewing Completed Surveys

After the survey is completed, use the Survey Results page to see detailed information about the survey and customer feedback. Some surveys can contain customer voice feedback which is offered as the last survey option. The Survey Results page is used to replay customer feedback. The embedded player helps to replay customers' feedback, if available.

To open the Survey Results:

  • Go to Customer Surveys and double click the survey name or check the box next to the survey name and click View.

If the survey contains the customer's voice feedback a player is displayed at the top of the page.

Click here to learn more about the Interaction Player

The Interaction Player and Its Functionality

The various parties in the conversation are displayed below the primary waveform separately. Click on the waveform button to view or hide the individual segments. Each individual waveform is color coded: green for customers, blue for agents (if the ID or DN for the specific agent is available to be paired with the conversation or segment). 

int player2.png
  1. Click the the Play or Pause button to control the conversation playback.

  2. Hover over the volume and  click to adjust the audio volume or to mute the sound.

  3. If media files are present, the following options may be visible:

    1. Screen Recording – If the conversation you are playing contains a screen recording (record will be marked with the Screen button).

      Click on the button to open the playback window. If no screen recording is available the button is greyed out . During playback the button will be highlighted. Screen recordings are not loaded until you expand the playback window. Audio can be played back at any time.

    2. Video Recording – If the conversation you are playing contains a video recording (record will be marked with the Video recording button). Click on the button to open the playback window. If no video recording is available the button is greyed out.

  4. The scroll bar (on the right hand side) is only visible in the case that there are more than four media streams.

The following information is provided:

  • Questionnaire: Name of the questionnaire used for this survey.

  • Agent: Name of the agent who initiated the survey.

  • Date: Date when the survey was taken.

  • All the survey questions and customer answers. 

  • Total Rating of the scores.

Additional functionality provided includes the following:

  • Details: Provides detailed information related to the recorded audio conversation, including all metadata.

Quality Management Reports
Reports can help you to analyze customer feedback over specific periods of time, identify trends and more.
Relevant reports may include: Compare teams, Teams & Agents Skills and League table.

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