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Eleveo designs products which enable organizations to address their compliance requirements. In order to support diverse industries meet their compliance needs Eleveo provides support for several different compliance standards. Including PCI DSS Compliance, MiFID II and the European GDPR requirement to protect Personal Identifiable Information.

The three major compliance related features mentioned here (PCI DSS, MiFID II and GDPR) relate to various actions within the recording system. PCI DSS Compliance requires that recording of conversations be stopped so that credit card (or other sensitive data) is not captured by the recording software. PCI DSS also applies to other security features such as media lifecycle management, password protection and encryption. MiFID II compliance requires that all conversations (in any form) that are related to investments be recorded and archived. This is intended to ensure that all financial transactions covered by this regulation are fully transparent. GDPR compliance provides compliance managers with a full suite of features which ensure full confidentiality, data integrity and accessibility for the right people. GDPR compliance ensures that a customers personally identifiable information can be accessed and anonymized as required.

The following sections enable your organization to comply with various regulatory requirements.

Please be aware that some features are available ONLY for on-premise and hybrid deployments!

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