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Screen Capture for Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) Integration

Purpose of this page: This page provides a general overview of the Screen Capture for Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) feature.
Audience:  Customer, partner, or other professional taking care of the Eleveo Call Recording and CCaaS platform. 
Previous steps: There are no previous steps required.
When: Before you start configuring the feature.


Screen Capture for CCaaS

Screen Capture for CCaaS is a crucial assessment tool that enables users to record and assess Contact Centre agents' calls and desktop screens. Screen Capture empowers the management team to listen to a call and playback a recording of agents' screen activity.


Eleveo Screen Capture for CCaaS is a Screen Recording service installed in the Eleveo Cloud. Due to the lack of real-time telephony event signaling between the CCaaS and the Eleveo Screen Capture service, Screens are, in the first step pre-recorded and stored on the Agents' computers. Subsequently, when the recorded calls are processed by the server the pre-recorded Screens belonging to processed calls are requested, transferred, and stored within the Eleveo Quality Management Suite.

Components Involved in the Screen Capture for CCaaS Process

  • Screen Capture for CCaaS Server (SCS)

  • Screen Capture for CCaaS Client (SCC) –  consists of two parts. The Screen Capture Service communicates with SCS and controls the second part, the Screen Capture Application, which captures the user screens. 

  • Orchestrator Service (OS) – This service handles events related to all the recordings that are happening or have happened in the Eleveo System. 

  • CCaaS Importers – Services responsible for the import of CCaaS Users and recorded media.

  • Interaction service (IS)

  • Eleveo User Management (KC)

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