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Managing Roles

There are two types of roles in Eleveo User Management:

  • application roles – roles specific to a client application (for example QM or WFM) and its modules (for example LiveMON, Conversations Explorer, eLearning), which are imported after the application is registered as a client.
  • realm roles – custom roles created by a user

Eleveo User Management itself is also considered an application. Roles necessary to perform any actions related to managing users, groups, or configuring realms are available under the User Management client application.

Additionally, roles in Eleveo User Management are structured. The following role types can be differentiated:

  • effective roles – privileges that enable particular functionality of the application, are equivalent to 'permissions' (for example manage-users)
  • composite roles – sets of effective roles, which can be pre-configured to simplify the configuration of users (for example DEFAULT_CCMANAGER)

A user can have one or more composite user roles assigned. Also, a user can have effective roles assigned separately.

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