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Using Monthly View



The monthly view of My Schedule allows a person to display a monthly schedule. It contains activities scheduled for each day, as well as their details (type, duration, start and end times). A monthly view provides a general overview of the activities over a longer period and allows a person to compare the weeks.

Note that only users with the WFM_AGENT role assigned are able to use the My Schedule module! Read more about Workforce Management Roles.

Displaying a Schedule

To display the monthly view of My Schedule, click My Schedule within the navigation tree. The My Schedule screen will display.

The calendar on the My Schedule screen represents the current month. The current day is marked with a blue frame. 

Reading a Schedule

Each day of the schedule contains the following information:

  • Start – start of the activities scheduled for this day
  • End – end of the activities scheduled for this day
  • Shift – length of the shift

The activities which are scheduled for the whole day (for example vacation, sick leave) have no Start and End, as well as no Shift duration.

The colorful dots in the bottom left corner of each day represent activities scheduled for this day. They have the same colors as the elements assigned during the schedule creation:

Hover the mouse pointer over the dots to display the name of the activity.

The Working Remotely icon is displayed if the person is scheduled to work remotely.

Check the number of workdays and the number of vacation days in the top left corner of the screen.

Check the total number of hours (calculated for the whole month) for which the work activity is assigned in the top right corner of the screen.

Days for which no activities are assigned are empty.

Reading the Details

To check the details of the schedule, click on a particular day. A tooltip will appear, containing the following information:

  • date
  • list of scheduled activities and their duration
  • total duration of assigned activities

The Working Remotely icon is displayed if the person is scheduled to work remotely.

Click the Detail view button to switch to a weekly view or click again on the day to hide the tooltip.

On the weekly view, the day for which the details were displayed is marked with a black frame. Read more about Using Weekly View.

Navigating Between Months

To change the month, use the left and right arrows next to the selected month.

Alternatively, click on the selected month and use the tooltip.

Note that a month calendar is displayed even if it is empty (there is no schedule for this month).

Use the Jump to current month button to navigate back to the current month.

Navigating Between Views

To change the view, from monthly to weekly, click the Weekly view button in the top left corner.

A schedule for the current week will display. The current day is marked with a blue frame. Read more about how to use it on the Using Weekly View page.

Use the Monthly view button to go back.

Note that when switching back from the weekly view to the monthly view, a schedule for the same month to which the currently displayed week belongs will open.
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