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Understanding Error Messages

To provide guidance when you're creating a questionnaire, Quality Management displays various error status messages during the course of questionnaire creation. The following table shows these messages and explains how to resolve the relevant issues.

Status messageProblem and resolution
Questionnaire, or parts of it, are blankThe questionnaire doesn't contain any sections. At least one section must be in the questionnaire. For information about adding sections, go to Adding a Question section to a Questionnaire.
The questionnaire doesn't contain any questions in one of the question sections. Each question section must contain at least one question. For information about adding questions, go to Adding and Editing Question Sections, Questions, and Answers.
The question doesn't contain any answers. Each question in the questionnaire must have at least one answer. For information about adding answers, go to Adding and Editing Question Sections, Questions, and Answers.
Each question must have at least one answer where agent compliance is set to None because only these answers have scores that influence the scoring of the questionnaire.
Names are not uniqueMultiple sections have the same name in the questionnaire. Each section must have a unique name. Ensure that each section is named differently.
Each question within a section must have a unique name.
Each answer for the same question must have a unique name.
Some questions have wrong percentage sumsThe sum of all sections' values must be 100% in the questionnaire.
The sum of all questions' values must be 100% in each question section.
Answers that use percentages or grades can have values only within certain minimum and maximum frames. For example, the value for one answer can't exceed 100%. The application won't allow you to input a number higher than 100%. However, this issue could occur if a questionnaire is edited outside of the system, and then imported.

Check the properties of this survey questionnaire

A survey question doesn't have a media file added. Every survey question must have a voice prompt added in .wav format. Do this by clicking No audio file selected in each question and importing the .wav file.
Each survey question should contain a non-applicable (N/A) answer as the last option and the corresponding phone keypad digit for this answer should be set to None. This digit is used as the default option in Quality Management in case a customer suddenly hangs up. This answer is also used if an answer must be skipped and the script moves on to the next question in the survey.
Every survey answer should have a digit associated with it on the phone keypad.
Multiple answers for the same question have the same digit on the phone keypad selected. Each keypad digit associated with an answer must be unique for each question.
The questionnaire is ready for useYou have completed your questionnaire correctly and can now save it and use it.
Error message 'This questionnaire is already in use'This questionnaire has already been used. If you want to make amendments, make a copy and make your revisions in the copy of the questionnaire.
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