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Planning Training


Plan your training with targeted objectives, such as informing staff of a new product range or offer or of specific areas for improvement. Targeted objectives allow your staff to receive training and take a quiz in the shortest possible time so that they can focus on their primary functions. Link the training to relevant training material and interactions.

Planning Training

Select Training > Training Planner to open the Training Planner.

The Training Planner Tab opens.

  1. In the Instructions field type complete instructions to your agents including links to training material or tutorials. There is enough space for several pages of text.
  2. If relevant, add a conversation that can be used as an example of best practice or of a way of applying the knowledge gained from the training material. This builds context and helps agents retain the information. Agents don't need specific permission to view or hear a conversation for this purpose. It's also possible to plan training without linking it to an conversation. 
    • Click Choose Conversation to find and add a conversation.
    • The Add Specific Conversation page displays. Here you can find a conversation the same way as on the Conversation Explorer page. 

       The time used in the search corresponds to the timezone of the current user. Not necessarily the server timezone. 

    • Once you found the conversation you want to use for your training, click Add Selected Conversation to confirm and return to the Training Planner page. To remove the conversation from the Training click Remove Conversation from the Training Planner page.

  3. Select a previously prepared Quiz from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select the Apply to Statistics check box if the Training needs to be included in report statistics for the agents.
  5. Select the Select All/None agents check box to select the team that is to take the training. The names of the agents in the team appear. Select an agent or agents.
  6. Click Plan Training.
  7. You'll see a confirmation that trainings were planned.

Viewing the Planned Trainings

Select Training > Trainings. The Trainings screen will open.

The training appears along with details of the Quiz used and its status. 

For more options, select a row on the training list and click the More actions drop-down menu. Following options are available:

  • Include in Reports
  • Reveal Results to Agent
  • Delete

To plan more training click New. The Training Planner opens. 

Setting a Deadline

The Deadline field in the Training Planner enables you to specify a date by which the training must be completed. You can opt to send a reminder message to the trainees (Set Reminder) to complete the quiz a specified number of days before the training deadline (Days to Deadline calendar). A Deadline must be selected before the Set Reminder check box and calendar are enabled. Type in either the number of days before the due date that you want a reminder to be sent or choose a date from the calendar. 

Reminder Notifications

An automated message is generated when the deadline for conducting a Training is near. The assigned individual will receive an email reminder that indicates:

This is a reminder that you have to complete the Training {number} by {date}
Please log into Quality Management and go to Trainings to complete the training.

Administrators can configure the time email reminders are sent by modifying the settings for Scheduling Email Delivery.

Viewing Deadlines for the Planned Trainings

If you have scheduled a deadline for the training you can view the trainings by Deadline in the Training List. Trainings without a specified deadline won't show a deadline date in the Deadline column. You can sort deadlines by date by clicking on the column name. Training deadlines that are past their due date appear in bold.

Using Training Templates 

Creating a Training Planner Template

Quality Management offers the capability of creating training templates thereby eliminating considerable time and effort in creating multiple training sessions. You can create a training session or group of training sessions that are fairly complex and reuse them by changing only the dates. This feature enables ccmanagers and quality managers to create trainings for the entire contact center at the beginning of each period by spending only 2 or 3 minutes updating the dates. 

To create a training template, go to Training > Training Planner.

  1. Click Save As Template to save the new training for reuse. The following dialog appears:
  2. Type a unique name for this template.
  3. Specify if the template Type is for private use only by selecting Private or shared with other review creators by selecting Shared.
  4. Click Save to save the changes.
You must close the Training Planner and reopened it to view your newly saved template.

The following section describes loading a saved template.

Viewing and Removing Templates

You can view existing templates and delete unwanted templates using the Templates button.

Go to Training > Training Planner and click Templates.

 The following dialog appears:

  • View existing templates by Name and Template Type.
  • Edit or Delete an existing template by selecting it and clicking the respective button.
  • Close the dialog without making changes.
You must close the Training Planner and reopened it to view your newly saved template.

The following section describes loading saved templates.

Loading a Saved Template

To use a template, go to Training > Training Planner

  1. Click Load Template in the top menu bar.
  2. Select an existing template name from the drop-down menu that appears.
  3. Ensure that you have selected the correct trainees that must complete the training.
  4. Make any other amendments as necessary, including changing the Instructions and Deadline.
  5. Once you have all set, the Plan Training button becomes active, click it to save your new training sessions.
Loading a training template overwrites any existing settings in the Training Planner. Deletion of a Training Template is permanent and cannot be undone.
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