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Eleveo WFM Workflow

Prerequisite: Ensure that Eleveo User Management is correctly configured before proceeding with Eleveo WFM!

Follow the steps to create your first schedule:

  1. Add Skills to the Eleveo WFM application.
  2. Add Queues to the Eleveo WFM application.
  3. Assign People to queues.
  4. Assign Shift Templates to people.
  5. Import historical data to Eleveo WFM:
    1. Automatic Import of Historical Data
    2. Manual Import of Historical Data (prerequisite: check File Format)
  6. Create a draft forecast in the Studio environment for a queue that has historical data available for it (imported into the application).
  7. Create a production forecast in the Studio environment.
  8. Create a draft schedule in the Studio environment.
  9. Select a production schedule in the Studio environment.

The diagram below indicates how the tasks performed within the Eleveo WFM application and externally are related:

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