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Add Random Conversations for Review

When contact centers have a long-term quality monitoring process they select calls for reviews based on random selection within parameters that are established in their search processes (for example, calls must be of a certain length).

The reason for making random call selections is to reduce bias in the process. When a call is selected randomly reviewers can't select a good call to present an agent in a favorable light and can't select a bad call to do the opposite. Thus, random call selection enhances the impartiality of the quality process, thereby increasing the trust and reliance of agents and management. If the agents themselves do not believe in the quality process it becomes difficult to influence their behavior and improve results.

The Add Random Conversation process requires further preparation of Sub-criteria. For detailed information see the section on specifying how to select conversations on the Review Scheduler page.

To add random conversations to a review, go to your selected Review Form and click the Add Random Conversations button. 

The time used in the search corresponds to the timezone of the current user. Not necessarily the server timezone. 

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