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Introduction to the Eleveo portal

The Eleveo Portal allows you to:

  • Download the latest released software and documentation.

  • Report any issues you have with our software 24/7 as a support case and follow the progress of your support case

  • View your licenses

The Portal is fully integrated with our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System, providing you with a direct connection to our support team.

The Homepage

On the homepage you can view:

  • New Documents

  • Newly released software

  • News & Events

  • Blog

A Quick Links sectiont to frequently used tasks is available on the left hand side.

Download Software

To download Eleveo software, follow the steps below. 

  1. Click on Software.

  2. Select the tab with the software version you wish to download.

  3. Select the release version.

  4. Click on the Download ISO link.


In addition to the main software file you can download updates and related installation documentation.

If your company's Maintenance license has expired, you will not be able to download any software. Please, contact your Eleveo account manager to renew your license. 

Which software version do I have?

For Call Recording

To view your software version log into Call Recording and Click About. The Version will display:

This information is also displayed on the Login page

For Quality Management and other installed applications

To view your software version, log into Rancher. The Version information for all installed applications are displayed within the Rancher interface by going to Apps > Installed Apps.

The build number may be useful in communicating with Support if you have a technical problem.

Download Documentation

To download documentation for your Eleveo software, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Documentation

  2. Click on the documentation version that matches your software

  3. Click on the icon on the left to download the selected document


Document language

Some of the documents are available in other languages. To display them select the desired language in the language dropdown list.

Documents that have not been translated will still appear regardless of the chosen language, with a small gray label English only next to their name.

Receive the Latest Newsletter / Alerts

You can also choose to the receive the Newsletter on a Daily or Weekly basis with notifications of changes to the Software and Documentation sent to your email address.

To setup daily or weekly updates, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on My Account > Profile > Edit

  2. Click on Site Preferences

  3. Set the frequency of the news letter to daily or weekly and click Save.

Support Cases

Support cases can be used to report issues with Eleveo software to our Service and Support team.

Opening a New Support Case

To open a new support case, click Open Support Case from the Quick Links section on the left bar or by hovering over Support and selecting Open a Case

The New Support Case Form opens.

After entering Support Case Type, additional tabs will appear depending on your case type. To create the case, fill in the rest of the fields in each section/tab.

Cases & Contact Info

Issue evaluation data and case contact details.

Enter the following information:

  • Issue Evaluation

    • Support Case Type - Type of support you need.

    • Loss of Recording - Choose Yes if you are not recording calls. If this issue is critical, call Eleveo support directly for a quicker response. 

    • Priority:  Issue severity.

  • Contact Information

Contacts for communication regarding this case. By default, your profile contact details will appear in this form as case contact. You change them if required.

To update both your profile and case contact details, click on Edit my Contact Details link and change the data in the dialog window, than click Save.

  • Additional contacts

You can add contacts to the case by clicking on Add Contact link , Enter the contact details and click Save

Additional contacts will be included in case communications emails and have permission to view this case, add comments and upload attachments as long as they are registered Eleveo Portal users

Note: Additional contacts can not close cases.

  • Send me email confirmation – Uncheck if you don't want to get a confirmation email for case creation.

Click Next to continue to next form Issue/Request Details.

Issue / Request Details

Detailed information about the issue or request

Enter the following information,

  • Subject: A brief summary of the issue or request. This should not be generic but a real description of the problem. For example, "Recently added phone does not appear in the list of recordings"

  • Description:  A full and detailed Description of the issue or request.

Additional Information

Categorize the issue/request ,and help us to find the resolution faster,

  • Choose your Brand: Provider of your software brand . i.e. Eleveo

  • Application module: Specific application. i.e. CallREC

  • Software Version:  Installed software version 

  • Technology Category: Specify the application area / component applicable involved.

    • Sub Category: This field is related to the Technology Category. If applicable, choose items to help us focus in the specific location

  • Type of Problem: Type of the problem you are having or need help with.

  • Related Activity: What were you performing when issue occurred

    • Related Project: This field will be activated if you select Installation activity. Choose the related installation project.


Add attachments to the case,

  • File Upload: For uploading files relevant to the case that are not larger than 5MB.

  • FTP Upload: For uploading files that are larger than 5MB, such as Bug Reports. For more info about  FTP accounts click here.

License request 


When you select support case type License Request under the Case & Contact Info tab then the Issue/Request Details tab will have different fields to complete.

  • Choose your Brand: Provider of your software. i.e. Eleveo

  • Application module: Specific application license. i.e. CallREC

Feature request 

 When you select support case type, I want a new feautre under the Case & Contact Info tab then, the Issue/Request Details tab will have different fields to complete,  

  • Subject: Populated by default with text "Licensing request for [Account Name]". Change it if required.

  • Description:  Populated by default with text "Please provide licenses as described in Installation info". Change it if required. 

Additional Information 

Detailed information about the requested feature ,

  • Choose your Brand: Provider of your software brand . i.e. Eleveo

  • Application module: Relevant application . i.e. CallREC

  • Limitations due to missing functionality: What is this missing feature affecting your business?

  • Cost/Impact of not having the feature: Does this missing feature have a cost or process impact?

  • Feature Usage Frequency:  Daily, weekly or monthly? 

  • Relevant Technical Information: Please, add any technical information that you think might be useful for us.

Click Next to continue to next tab Installation Info.

Installation Info


Enter information about installed servers relevant to this case,

  • IP Address - Server valid IPv4 or IPv6 address.

  • Site Name - Server Host Name

  • Notes - Additional information specific to this server.

Note: For Licensing request case, use Notes to describe the license properties (e.g. seat count) required per licensed server.

Viewing your Cases

You can follow the progress of your support case and add comments and attachments.

Hover over Support and select My Cases


Note: After saving the case, you can't edit your case details. If you need to correct the information or add details, use the Add Comment link to ask Eleveo Support to update the details for you.

Comments & Emails

In this section you can follow case communication, including comments and emails.

Adding Comments

Communicate with Eleveo support regarding the case by adding comments

Close case

If you decide to Close a case , click Close Case button in the top section , add a comment in the dialog and confirm by clicking Close Case.

Deal Registration

Register a new potential deal for Eleveo via the portal and get special commission

Register New Deal

 In Quick Links Click Register new deal  to register and get to a new deal form


Enter the following information on the Register new deal form

  • Customer Name – Customer company name

  • Country – customer‘s country

  • Products – check the products included in the deal

  • Platform – check the customer platforms included in the project

  • Phones/Seats Number – Number of required licenses

  • Expected Close Date – Expected deal decision date
    Note: Expected date format mm/dd/yyyy

  • Customer Contact - deal related Main customer contact
    Click on the link to unhide the contact fields

A registered deal will immediately appear in our system. After being reviewed by the assigned sales representative, it will be Approved or set as Unqualified .

View deal

Follow your registered deal progress in view deal page and add comments and Attachments

Go to My Account > Registered Deals

To view a registered deal go to My Account> registered deals and search the deal list or in recently viewed list in the right bar.R

Note: After submitting a new deal you will not be able to change its details, in case you need correct deal data add it to the comments and our sales representative will apply the changes for you.

Attach files

Attach files related to the deal from the Registered Deal view page
Note: There is a limit of 5 Megabytes per attachment. If you have larger files to upload then please use your FTP account (under My Account) and inform us by adding a comment.


Communicate with a Sales representative regarding the Deal using comments
In the Comments section or Registered Deal Details, list all Deal-related comments created by you and the Eleveo sales representative, ordered by newest on top

My Account

View and update your Account-related Data


Click My Account>Profile> Edit then you will see the following options:
Profile: Update your Contact details
Site Preferences: Set your portal preferences
Change Password: Change your password to a new one.

Registered Deals

Click My Account>Registered Deals to view list of your deal registrations or register a new deal.


View list of Eleveo customer accounts supported by you, their Eleveo Products licenses, Maintenance status, and view or manage their FTP account.

FTP Account 

Use for uploading large files when solving support cases or any other file exchange with Eleveo.

On first use you will have to click on the Create FTP Account link. The FTP serverUsername and Password details will then appear You can then use an FTP client such as FileZilla to access the FTP folder

FTP Folder
  • One FTP account is created per customer.

  • Files in the FTP Folder for customers that show no activity for one month will be automatically deleted.

Security policy 
  • Every 3 months FTP login credentials are being reset automatically 

  • After 4 unsuccessful login attempts within 20 minute to a FTP Account the FTP access will be blocked. No further FTP access from your IP address will be allowed  for 7 minutes, then next ban will last 14 minutes and so forth.
    Note: ban duration will be reset to 7 minutes after a successful login.

Note: For uploading files for a particular customer use his FTP account available in his Customer Account View

Eleveo contacts

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