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Using the Review Form

Using Review Form Buttons

The Review Form shows the list of all sub-reviews and conversations. Here, you can add specific conversations, random conversations and review, replace, and remove conversations after listening to them.  

From the listed reviews click on a review with the State of Awaiting Review or In Progress. The Review Form opens.

The Review Form displays the review with any associated conversation if one was previously selected. In the case that multiple call segments are available for a conversation you can see and playback the connected segments. A review of connected segments is not possible.

Typically, reviewers must use one of the following buttons, which are only enabled if these privileges were granted when the review was created (see the Creating New Reviews page):

  • Click Add Specific Conversations if you must select a particular interaction. See the Adding a Specific Conversation section for further details.

  • Click Add Random Conversations if you want Quality Management to select the conversation. If no conversations are found that match your Sub-Criteria and no Conversation types are added in Basic criteria, but there are "CALL" type interactions meeting the basic criteria, you will receive an Alert. You will be prompted to choose whether or not to include the conversations meeting only the basic criteria.


    Quality Management selects only conversations that have not been reviewed yet when applying the Add Random Conversations feature in reviews that have not yet been completed. In addition, the Add Specific Conversations button used for adding conversations that meet specific criteria is unavailable when planning group reviews. See the Creating New Reviews page for further details on group reviews.

  • If no existing conversations are specified during the creation of the review, the new review won't contain any conversations.

  • Reveal Results to the Agent check box allows the agent to view their results.

  • If Allow Call Replacement is enabled then you can:

    • Replace the media record.

    • Delete the conversation.

    • Remove the review.

  • To close the form without saving changes, click Close on the toolbar or tab.

More Actions Drop-Down Menu

The More Actions tab provides additional functionality: 

    • Send Feedback allows reviewers to send feedback to the reviewed agent. To send feedback, you must complete the comment fields Things To Improve and Things To Maintain in the Reviewer Form. If multiple conversations (sub-reviews) are included in the Review Form then all feedback (things to improve, things to maintain) will be sorted from newest to oldest (in the same order as displayed within the Review Form).

    • Feedback History allows you to analyze and export all feedback that was created by different reviewers in the past for each agent. This feature provides reviewers with detailed information about an agent's review history. It can be printed or exported with or without internal comments. Click Feedback History to view and export feedback from earlier reviews for the same agent. It is possible to print or export previous feedback with or without internal comments. The comments, that you add during the review process including applied formatting, will also be displayed on the review report. By default, the internal notes are visible to the review author or the delegated user as well as to any user with permission to review a group belonging to the same hierarchy. This can be restricted to show only to the review author and the delegated user on the Preferences page.

      The time displayed in the output corresponds to the timezone of the current user. Not necessarily the server timezone. 

    • Report button opens the Review Report tab. Data on this screen can be printed or exported.

    • Review Details dialog displays the selected data such as date range, questionnaire type, and statistical data.

Adding a Specific Conversation

Quality Management allows you to add specific conversations to reviews. The Add Conversations button in the Review Form provides a useful and easy method for uploading a specific conversation to the review.

The option to Add Specific Conversation is available only when the review has been created using the Review Scheduler and the user has adequate permissions.

If the current user does not have adequate permissions an error message will display  "You don´t have permission to view this page"

To add specific conversations from the Review Form, go to Reviews, click on a specific review, and click the Add Specific Conversations button.

The Add Specific Conversation page appears. Search for conversations the same way as using the Conversation Explorer. Once you find the conversation you need for the review select it and click Add Selected Conversation to confirm your selection and return to the Review Form page. 


If only the minimum number of the set conversation has been added, you can't delete any conversations until more of that type have been added.

The option to Add Specific Conversation is available only when the review has been created using the Review Scheduler.

Add Comments

You may also wish to associate a Comment with a conversation by clicking on Comment.

A dialog will open. You can add an additional comment or observation related to the conversation.

The Interaction Player and Its Functionality

The various parties in the conversation are displayed below the primary waveform separately. Click on the waveform button to view or hide the individual segments. Each individual waveform is color coded: green for customers, blue for agents (if the ID or DN for the specific agent is available to be paired with the conversation or segment). 

int player2.png
  1. Click the the Play or Pause button to control the conversation playback.

  2. Hover over the volume and  click to adjust the audio volume or to mute the sound.

  3. If media files are present, the following options may be visible:

    1. Screen Recording – If the conversation you are playing contains a screen recording (record will be marked with the Screen button).

      Click on the button to open the playback window. If no screen recording is available the button is greyed out . During playback the button will be highlighted. Screen recordings are not loaded until you expand the playback window. Audio can be played back at any time.

    2. Video Recording – If the conversation you are playing contains a video recording (record will be marked with the Video recording button). Click on the button to open the playback window. If no video recording is available the button is greyed out.

  4. The scroll bar (on the right hand side) is only visible in the case that there are more than four media streams.

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