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Scoring Tiers

Using Scoring Tiers Page

Review results may be presented using customized scoring tiers in various ways such as an exact number including several decimal places, grades or colors. 

To add or edit your scoring tiers navigate to the Scoring Tiers menu item in the left navigation tree. You must have assigned the permission of Scoring Tiers View to view the scoring tiers or Scoring Tiers Manage to be able to also make modifications. Please see the Quality Management Roles page for more details on user permissions. 

Viewing Scoring Tiers 

If you have the Scoring Tiers View permission, you may only view the scoring tiers.

The following scoring tiers are built-in and prepared for your use:

  • Exact Scores: Exact score number including decimal places, shown in percentage. No viewing details are available.

  • No Scores: No score information. No viewing details are available.

  • Color Scores: Instead of percentage, a defined color, and an optional label will be shown. 

Modifying Scoring Tiers

If you have the Scoring Tiers Manage permission, you can also modify the scoring tiers. From the built-in scoring tiers, only the Color Scores scoring tier can be modified. Exact Scores and No Scores scoring tiers can NOT be modified.

To delete any unwanted scoring tier, select the row, click the Delete button and confirm your action.

The process to create a new or edit an existing scoring tier is very similar. To create a new scoring tier click the New button. To edit a scoring tier, select the respective row and click the Edit button.

The selected scoring tier window opens. 

You can adjust the scoring tier Name and Description.

Double-click the score row you want to edit to start with. You may set the individual scoring ranges by setting the highest percentage (including decimals) in the Value To field for each score(values are inclusive and will include all scores within the defined range). In the next field choose the suitable Color from the selection. Use the Display field to indicate what text should be displayed for each range. Use hash (#) representing a digit, optionally with a decimal separator to set how exactly will be the gained percentage shown (e.g. ##.##, ##.#, ##). You can also use any text (e.g. Great, Good, Poor, etc.), and even combine the result with a text (e.g. ##.## Great, # Poor, ##.# Excellent, etc.) 

Click Save to confirm the edits or Cancel to abort the action for each scoring range you define.

Click the not used - click to add a row to add new scores. The All Other Values selection is to set how will any other scores be marked.  

Once you are done, click OK to save the scoring tier. Closing this window or hitting Cancel will close the window without saving your changes.  

Regarding the export of data

Once reviews are exported all numbers are shown as results, even if scoring tiers are used to represent the results with Quality Management.

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