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Creating a Quiz

Giving agents quizzes to measure and confirm their knowledge is a critical part of training. A quiz is used to check that trainees thoroughly understand the content, and also provides a great reference for targeted coaching sessions based on the questions trainees failed to answer correctly. You can create quizzes in the Questionnaires

Creating a Quiz

Go to Questionnaires > Questionnaires to display the current list of questionnaires in Quality Management.

To add a new questionnaire, click New.

  1. In the Choose Questionnaire Type window select Quiz and click OK.

  2. Type the Questionnaire Name

  3. In the Version field use the default version value of 1.0 if this is the first version of the questionnaire. Alternatively, type in the appropriate number if the questionnaire name has been used before. The name and version combination must be unique within Quality Management.

  4. Click Save. To reopen the questionnaire for further editing double click the questionnaire name or select it and click Edit.

Please note, disabled questionnaires may not be available to use in new trainings, but they can be available for search in already created trainings.

Adding a New Section

Use sections to keep related questions together. You must have at least one question section in each questionnaire.

  1. Select the questionnaire that you wish to add a section to then click New Section to open the New Section window.

  2. Type the Section name.

  3. Type Section description (optional).

  4. Type in a Section weight. This is the percentage of the total possible score that this section represents. For example, if you use a percentage system a Section Weight of 30 means that this section will contribute 30% to the final questionnaire score. The sum of weight values for all question section must be 100 before a questionnaire can be marked as complete. If this is the only question section the weight is 100.

  5. Click Create to save the created Question Section.

The question section appears in the quiz.

Click Save to save the questionnaire. Double-click on the questionnaire name or select it and click Edit to reopen the questionnaire for further editing.

Editing a Question Group

To edit a question section, click on Manage Sections in the questionnaire.

The following window appears:

  • Click New to add a question section.

  • Click a section to select it and then click Delete to remove the question section. Removing a question section is possible only via this window.

  • Double-click the Section row to modify the Section Name, Section Description, and Weight parameters.

  • Click the Name, Description, or Percentage header to sort the group listings by these parameters.

  • Click Close to close the Questionnaire Sections window.


If a percentage scoring system is used the sum of the weight values for all question groups must equal 100 before a questionnaire can be marked as complete.

Adding a New Question 

  1. Select the question section that you wish to add questions to. Each section can contain multiple questions.

  2. After clicking on the section that you wish to add a question to, click in the white box below the Section Name and then click the New Question button in the middle right of the screen. 

  3. You can delete an already existing question from the section by selecting it and clicking the Delete Question button. 
    If no question has been input into the section yet, your screen will look like this:

    Trainees will see the question.

    1. You can add optional information in the Question description field. Trainees will see this information in a tooltip when they move their pointer over the question.

    2. If necessary, you can make the column wider to accommodate the text. Place your pointer on the line between columns and the cursor appears. Drag the column borders to make the columns wider or smaller by using this cursor.

  4. Type a question weight for this section in the column labeled Percentage. This represents the percentage weight value for the question in this question section. The sum of all questions in the question section must equal 100%.

  5. Click Save below the Description field to add the question to the current group. 

    1. All questions appear in alphabetical order within sections. 

    2. Alternatively, you can order your questions by numbering them (01, 02, 03, and so on) at the beginning of each question name.


To move questions from one section to another, click on a question to select it, then drag it to the section you wish to place it in. If necessary, you can click the expand button next to the section names to show any existing questions in the section.

Adding Answers to a Question 

Each question must contain two or more answers for the trainees to choose from.

  1. Click on a question to select it. Any existing answers display in the white box at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Click Add Answer at the bottom right of the screen.

  3. Type the answer in the first Answer column. Optionally, type additional information in the Answer Description.

  4. You must type a Percentage for each answer. For example, type 100 for the correct answer, 50 for a partially correct answer, or 0 for an incorrect answer.


    The percentage can be changed to points depending on the selected scoring system, which can be selected via the Properties button. For additional information, go to Setting Questionnaire Properties.

  5. Click Save to save the answer. You must have at least two answers to each question.

  6. Add answers to the other questions in each section by selecting them in turn and adding answers.

  7. Click Save to save the answers.

  8. When the questionnaire is complete, the message at the top right of the questionnaire tab updates to Status: Questionnaire is valid and ready for use

  9. Save your progress regularly by clicking Save.

After the quiz has been used at least once the message at the top right of the questionnaire tab updates to Status: already used – save a copy to make changes. This happens so that quiz results can't be manipulated after the quiz has been completed.

Importing Quizzes

You can import a quiz in Quality Management that was previously exported as an XML file. 

  1. Click Import in the Questionnaires. The Import Questionnaire window opens. Browse for the file and click Import.

  2. The file opens and displays the imported questionnaire in Questionnaires.

  3. Click Save.


Various browsers (for example, Chrome) show a fake path name when you are importing questionnaires to conceal the actual path name, thereby protecting users. This is a deliberate browser-security measure that doesn't affect importing the questionnaire.

Video Spot

In this video tutorial, our trainer guides you through the steps required create a quiz.

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