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Wrap Ups



If Quality Management has access to call wrap-up data (text entered by an agent at the end of a call) then this data is available within QM for further categorizing and the filtering of calls. Using this data allows a manager to isolate all successful calls or unsuccessful calls and treat them differently. For instance, if an agent has a lot of calls marked with "no sale after close" then it may highlight that the agent needs to be retrained.

The configuration of wrap-up data is a two-step process and requires that configuration changes be made from within both Rancher when deploying Quality Management and the Quality Management web interface:

Configuration within Rancher

Define a proper Wrap up key in the relevant chart.

LocationExample / Default valueDescription
Quality Management Chart → Scorecard settingsJTAPI_CISCO_IDWrap up key: This is the custom (external) data key that identifies agent wrap-up data, which are obtained from the Call Recording integration module. The wrap-up key enables Quality Management to use agent wrap-up data when searching for reviews. 

It is necessary to Upgrade/Install the Chart after making changes!

Configuration within the Quality Management Web Interface

Add Wrap up values for the previously configured key in the Administration > Wrap Ups section of Quality Management.

The Preferences - Edit permission is needed to be able to add and configure Wrap Ups.

To add a new wrap up value, expand the Administration module within the navigation tree and click Wrap Ups. The Wrap Ups screen will display.

Click New to add a new value.

Enter the name (value) and the description of wrap up data. Click Save (or double click), or click Cancel to abandon changes.

In a similar manner to the Categories, use the Edit and Delete buttons (if available, or double click on a wrap up record to edit it) to manage Wrap ups records. Each wrap up data record has to be unique within Quality Management.

Use Cases

Setting a proper Wrap up key in Call Recording and then adding relevant values in Quality Management, allows the Quality Management application to recognize and filter this data when searching for agent calls.

Filtering conversations based on wrap up data is possible from within the:

  • Search pane on the Reviews screen:
  • Review Scheduler, as a new criteria (Add Criteria > Call Wrapup)

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