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Managing Users

Follow the steps to ensure that all users are correctly added and configured:

  1. Add users:
    1. Automatically from an external source
    2. Add local users manually → see Adding New Users.
  2. Assign roles to local users manually if required → see Assigning Roles.
  3. If required, correct the automatic role assignment:
    1. Disable synchronization → see Editing Users
    2. Assign roles manually → see Assigning Roles.

Users can be created manually on the Users page (more details can be found on the page Adding New Users), or they can be imported, along with user groups, from an external user database. The Managing Users guide provides information about user management features, such as: adding them manually, configuring, removing, or enabling and disabling them.

Note that any changes to users that occurred in User Management will be reflected in other Eleveo applications after a delay of up to 10 minutes.

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