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Integrations Guide

Significant changes to how deployments are supported with V 9.

Version 9 is cloud only – many on-premise solutions cannot be supported natively in the Cloud. To overcome this limitation, Eleveo supports hybrid deployments that combine on-premise recording servers (Eleveo V 8) with a cloud-based replay server (V 9).

  • Items not listed here may still be supported in Hybrid deployments which require, at a minimum, 2 servers (one on-premise and one in the cloud). Please contact your Eleveo representative for more details.

What is an Integration?

Eleveo provides a complex product suite that supports the capture, import, and analysis of various data types. In addition to compliance recording or media capture services, Eleveo also integrates with various third-party platforms and supports the import and analysis of multiple data types. Eleveo also provides Workforce Optimization Services for the data imported from third-party platforms.

Integration in this sense, means the connection and import of data from third-party platforms and the following additional services:

  • Voice and Video Capture

  • Screen Recording

  • Speech Recognition

  • Automatic Pause and Resume (hybrid deployments only)

  • User Synchronization

  • User Authentication (Single Sign-on)

  • WFM - Historical data import for forecasting

  • WFM - Historical and real-time Schedule Adherence

The majority of the integrations require minimal custom configuration and rely on standardized API endpoints for connectivity.

Supported Third-party Integrations

Eleveo supports integration with the following third-party platforms:

  • Cisco Webex Contact Center (WebexCC) – Cloud Only

  • Amazon Connect – Cloud Only

  • Zoom Contact Center– Cloud Only

  • MS Teams Contact Center – Cloud Only

Important Changes in V 9.x

The following are not supported as they are not compatible with cloud deployments:

  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

  • Live Monitor

  • WFO Analytics 

  • Voice of the Customer

Supported Integration Use Cases

Eleveo supports integrations for the following purposes:

  • External data attachment – External data can be imported and attached to conversations

  • Import of media – Media can be imported for various purposes (such as Quality Management, Analytics etc.)

  • Single Sign On (SSO) – Single Sign On allows users to access Eleveo applications without the need to store their user credentials within the Eleveo User Management application

  • Users and groups import – Ensure that the correct users and groups are matched to media recordings

  • Historical data import (+adherence) – Importing Historical Data ensures that Eleveo WFM provides accurate forecasts

Supported Integrations

The following pages provide detailed information about the supported integrations and links to relevant documentation:

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