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Requests - Self Service

Self Service capabilities empower your team members by giving them greater control and flexibility in managing their schedules. Beyond benefiting individual agents by promoting autonomy and work-life balance, this feature streamlines administrative processes, boosting operational efficiency for contact center management.

Available features:

  • Absence Requests (read more on the Absence Requests page):

    • Sick Days – Easily submit sick leave requests through our intuitive interface. Notifying your supervisors effortlessly ensures a transparent and streamlined communication process.

    • Vacation Requests – Plan your time off efficiently by submitting vacation requests through our user-friendly system. Keep track of approved and pending requests, allowing for better workforce planning.

  • Shift Swaps – Our upcoming feature will empower you to swap shifts with colleagues seamlessly. No more hassle when unexpected commitments arise – the power to manage your schedule will be at your fingertips.

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