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Genesys Integration

  • Purpose of this guide: This guide provides a general overview of Genesys Integration.

  • Audience: Customer's Genesys and Voice Gateway Administrators.

  • Previous steps: No previous steps are required.

  • When: Use this guide to understand what is required to deploy Eleveo integration with Genesys.


Integration Details

Genesys Engage on-premise integrates with the Eleveo platform using several underlying PBXs. Access to external data provided by the Genesys platform supports the full use of Eleveo Quality Management.

Call Recording supports these PBXs for call recording and contact center integration:

  • Genesys contact center with Genesys SIP Server.

  • Genesys contact center with Cisco Unified Communications Manager. 

For more detail on the technical side of the integration refer to the dedicated page named Integrating Genesys Engage on-premise With Eleveo. Follow this link Integrating Genesys Engage on-premise With Eleveo.

Supported Integration Use Cases

Eleveo supports integrations for the following purposes:

  • Recording – Recording, and the import of additional metadata is supported by Eleveo for Genesys

  • Screen Capture – Is supported by Eleveo for Genesys

  • Conversation Explorer – Search, view, and playback recorded media

  • Quality Management – Perform quality reviews from within Eleveo Quality Management

  • Live Monitor – Is supported by Eleveo for Genesys

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