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Displaying Users

User accounts configured in User Management are basic accounts granting access to all applications to their end users. The User Management application enables the creation, review, and adjustment of existing accounts to facilitate the usage and management of the complete solution.

To view users that already exist in the system, click on Users within the navigation tree on the left. The Users screen will display.

To search for a user in the user database, fill in the first name, last name, email address or ID of the user in the search box and click the Enter key. The query brings up all users who match the entered criteria. The query brings up all users who match the entered criteria.

To list all users in the system, click on the View all users button.

The number of users is displayed below the table:

  • Total users – all users' accounts existing in User Management
  • Federated users – users' accounts imported from external sources (UCCE/X, CUCM)

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