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Cisco Webex Calling Integration

  • Purpose of this guide: This guide provides general information about the Cisco Webex Calling Integration feature, as well as popular questions and answers.

  • Audience: Customer, partner, or other professional responsible for the Eleveo Call Recording and Cisco Webex Calling platform.

  • When: This guide is required when you want to configure the Cisco Webex Calling platform to integrate with the Eleveo solution.


What is Cisco Webex Calling

Webex Calling is a cloud-based phone system from Cisco. It offers flexible options for office and home users. It provides many modern collaboration options, such as virtual lines, call queuing, and call analytics. Webex Calling is part of Cisco’s cloud collaboration offering. It supports a complete ecosystem of devices, including the Webex App for desktop and mobile, Cisco IP phones, Cisco Desk devices, and Cisco Room systems.

Eleveo Cisco Webex Calling integration

Eleveo integrates with Webex Calling as one of the few certified recording providers. Eleveo offers full support for call recording and compliance features that are available as a service in the Eleveo Cloud.

image (1).png

How It Works

If desired, Eleveo enables the recording of your Cisco Webex Calling communication with a cloud-based active recorder. This allows Eleveo to act as a call recording provider. The Cisco Webex Control Hub must then be configured for each tenant - it is necessary to designate Eleveo as the recording provider and also specify which users are to be recorded. The Webex Calling platform then starts to send copies of all calls (for the defined users) to the Eleveo Recorder via the SIPREC protocol. Eleveo then makes these recordings available in the cloud within its WFO and WFM applications.

Supported Integration Use Cases

Eleveo supports integration for the following purposes:

  • Voice Recording – Recording of Webex Calling is achieved by SIPREC recording requests sent by the Webex Calling platform to the Eleveo active Recorder.

  • Users and groups import – Ensure that the correct users and groups are matched to media recordings.

  • User Authentication and Single Sign On (SSO) – Single Sign On allows users to access Eleveo applications without the need to store their user credentials within the Eleveo User Management application.

  • Screen Capture – Screen Capture is supported using the Eleveo Screen Capture for Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

  • Conversation Explorer – Search, view, and playback recorded media.

  • Quality Management – Perform quality reviews from within Eleveo Quality Management.

Supported call scenarios

For detailed information, please visit the dedicated Supported Call Scenarios page.

What Is Supported



Screen Capture


User Import

User Authentication
(User Management)


Conversation Explorer


Speech Recognition


Voice of the

WFO Analytics
(Reports +

WFM (historical data)


WFM Intraday

WFM Real Time Adherence

Webex Calling

(tick) (voice)

(tick) based on User Login














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