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APR User Guide

Some features are only supported in hybrid deployments!

The purpose of this page is to describe the way that end-users interact with the APR application.

Start and Shutdown

The MSI installer creates a shortcut to the APR application in the Windows Start menu and registers APR as a startup on a login application in the Windows system. The automatic startup on login guarantees that the application will be started in the logged-in user's session. The user session is essential for the correct identification of the logged-in agent.

The APR application should never stop, except:

  • on the log out of the currently logged-in user

  • the configuration issue is detected during the boot sequence of the application

  • the unexpected and unhandled error event occurred (for example, crash).

Tray Menu

To display the application's information menu click the right mouse button on the icon in the notification tray. The menu shows various read-only information about the identity of the currently logged-in user (as seen by the APR application), provides shortcuts to the log folder and allows change of the logging level.

APR Icon

The application runs in the background. Check the windows tray icons to verify that APR is running:


The user may notice the following notifications on the monitor:

  • Starting detection engine

  • Recording is paused

  • Recording is paused

Note that there is a functionality assigned to this notification. Double-clicking the red circle will cause the resume request to be sent if no pause rule is matched against the current UI state. If there is a matching pause rule, double-clicking is ignored.

  • Recording is resumed

  • A configuration issue occurred (invalid configuration file, missing authentication token, etc.)

  • The connection to the recording server(s) was lost.

  • The connection to recording server(s) was established.

To find out what can be a reason for a notification message, please contact your administrator.

Browser specific behavior: Edge (chromium-based) and Chrome

Modifying the URL in the browser address bar in any way (it is not even necessary to click Enter to load a different page) will trigger a resume action.

Command Line Usage

It's possible to run and use the APR application via the command line. The table below lists several arguments that can help during the rule definition, testing, or debugging sessions.

Short argument

Long argument



--authToken $TOKEN

Authentication token to use.
It will be overridden by the token stored in the registry if not used along with --ignoreRegistry option.


--configuration $ADDRESS

Path or URL to the configuration file.
It will be overridden by the token stored in the registry if not used along with --ignoreRegistry option.



Ignore the configuration URL/path and the authentication token stored in the registry.



Display UI window owned by the running APR application. Closing this window will shut down the application.


--logLevel $LEVEL

Set minimum log level (debug by default). The possible options are (in the order): warning, info, debug, and verbose.



Run a short offline diagnostics sequence and log the results. The app will close after it's finished.

An example of the command line usage:

# run with the settings stored in registry, but log debug messages and show test window
./APR.exe -t -l debug
# run with provided options, ignore registry
./APR.exe --authToken TheSecretToken123 --configuration --ignoreRegistry
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