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Amazon Connect Integration

  • Purpose of this guide: This guide provides general information about the Amazon Connect Integration.

  • Audience: Customer, partner, or other professional responsible for the Amazon Connect platform. 

  • When: This guide is required when you want to configure the Amazon Connect platform to integrate with the Eleveo solution.


What is it

Amazon Connect is a cloud-based contact center solution that makes it easy to create and manage a customer contact center at any scale. Amazon Connect is easy to use and even comes with pre-configured integration with popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. An API can be used to build customized integrations. Eleveo supports integration with Amazon Connect to allow agent Performance Tracking, Quality Management processing, and to satisfy Compliance or Archival requirements. Eleveo integrates seamlessly with of Amazon Connect as a contact center and provides the ability to access and store recordings from within the Amazon S3 servers. Associated metadata processed by Amazon is also captured by Eleveo, allowing for any Amazon Connect implementation to leverage the benefits provided by Quality Management.  Managers can benefit from enhanced control over the quality of service and team performance which stems from having an adequately trained and assessed team. 

You can take advantage of the complete Suite of features in conjunction with your regular use of the Amazon Connect recording platform. The integration enables the retrieval and storage of recorded conversations and media files onto the Call Recording servers. 

Supported Agent Hierarchy

In Amazon Connect “Agents can be grouped within 5 levels of hierarchy. The hierarchy organization will be reflected in your reports, and once established, reorganizing them will affect your historic metrics. Please review our practices and recommendations in preparation for creating your agent groupings. You can always refer to our help documentation by clicking on the question mark icon in the header.”

High-level Architecture Overview

The image below depicts the call flow from Amazon Connect to Call Recording Server and how recorded calls are available within Quality Management. At a basic level Eleveo connects to the Amazon Server through a specialized module which extracts calls recorded by Amazon Connect the recording is then saved to a configurable destination on the Call Recording server. All recordings can then be analyzed as any other call data with Quality Management.

How It Works

Amazon Connect stores all recorded calls (contacts in amazon terminology) to a configurable S3 bucket. After a call ends it is also possible to configure Amazon Connect to store Contact Trace Records into Amazon Kinesis. Contact Trace Records contain important information related to the recorded conversation including calling and called parties, the ID of the agent who handled the call, and the location of recorded wave files, plus additional information.

The media importer is able to connect to both the S3 storage bucket and to Amazon Kinesis, receive event information about recorded calls, and then downloads the WAV file from within the Amazon S3 bucket. The media importer saves WAV files taken from the S3 bucket to a configurable location on the Eleveo server. The media importer will then create a corresponding record within the Call Recording database containing information about the recorded media and metadata.


The connection to the Amazon Web Service (AWS) is secured by the use of an application user with an access key and secret key. This user is the same for both Amazon Kinesis and the S3 bucket. 

Supported features of the deployment:

  • Search & Replay of recorded calls

  • Media Lifecycle Management tools – Archive, Delete, Restore, and Relocation

  • Quality Management

  • Speech Recognition (after import)

Unsupported features:

  • User Management (currently we only receive Agent ID from Amazon- associations are currently manually configured)

  • Live Monitoring

  • Screen Capture

  • Synchro (unnecessary when using AWS) 

  • PCI DSS compliance (call encryption)

  • Pause and Resume (currently not technically possible)

  • Recording Rules (all calls recorded will be imported from Amazon Connect)

  • Voice of the Customer

Encoding Amazon Connect media files to MP3

Should you desire to automatically convert Amazon Connect WAV files to MP3 format, please contact Eleveo Support Team..

Supported Integration Use Cases

Eleveo supports integrations for the following purposes:

  • Import of Media – Voice Recordings – Recording of media is achieved by retrieving a recording from the Amazon server after the recording has been completed.

  • Conversation Explorer – Search, view, and playback recorded media

  • Quality Management – Perform quality reviews from within Eleveo Quality Management

What Is Supported




User Import

User Authentication
(User Management)


Conversation Explorer


Speech Recognition


Voice of the

WFO Analytics
(Reports +

WFM (historical data)

WFM Intraday

WFM Real Time Adherence


(tick) (voice)














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