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Activating and Deactivating Users


To prevent users from being able to access the Eleveo applications, they can be disabled from within User Management. By default, all newly created users are enabled and can access applications based on the roles assigned to them. If no roles are assigned to a user, they will not have access to any application.

Users, who are imported into User Management from external systems (like UCCX, UCCE, ...) are imported with their statuses: enabled (active) or disabled (inactive). Users, who were removed or disabled from within the external system after the import, will be disabled in User Management after the next synchronization with the external system.

We strongly recommend that users be disabled, not deleted. Deleting users may cause database inconsistencies and the loss of historical data associated with them.

Disabling a User

To disable a user, go to the Users screen and click Edit on the right of the user's name.

On the Details tab, move the User Enabled switch to the left. Disabled users cannot log in to any applications.


Enabling a User

To enable the user again, move the User Enabled switch to the right.


Disabling/Enabling an Imported User

The user imported from the external system (UCCE, UCCX) can also be disabled using the User Enabled switch. However, this setting will be overwritten during the next import/synchronization if the synchronization is still enabled (the Synchronization enabled switch is on). To prevent this, disable the synchronization or disable the user in the external system. The same applied to enabling the previously disabled user.

Unlocking a Locked User

After 30 unsuccessful login attempts, the status of a user will change to locked. The User Temporarily Locked switch is set to 'on'. This user cannot log in for the next one minute or until it is enabled again.

This feature applies to local users only. Users, who are imported into User Management from external systems (like UCCX, UCCE, ...) are not locked by User Management after unsuccessful login attempts.

To enable a user again, click the Unlock user button.


Unlocking All Locked Users

To unlock all temporarily locked users at once, click the Unlock users button on the Users screen.

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