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Can I use Eleveo WFM when working from home? Do I need to be on my company’s VPN?
This application is installed on-premises, so it depends on the network configuration.
How can I easily share an Eleveo forecast with a colleague?

While in the Forecast module, you may copy the URL our of your browser and share it with a colleague.  Following the URL will bring them to that exact forecast.

Does Eleveo have an automated scheduling function?

Eleveo is focused on ease of setup and use, offering an intuitive and tactile user experience. Scheduling is manual and offers a combination of drag & drop and powerful schedule cloning options.

Do I need to publish schedules for them to be visible to the scheduled people?

All Eleveo schedules are already stored in the cloud, but they need to be put in the production so that the scheduled people can see it. There is an option in the Scheduling Studio to add and remove schedules from production, revealing and hiding them from scheduled people as desired.

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